Fall 2017 Classes

“Tour of the Shelves, Cooking from the Pantry” with Chef Rachael Palmer
Monday, September 18th , 6:30 pm

No time to grocery shop? Rachael will show you these easy to put together recipes for every day meals or especially when the unexpected guest arrives. Rachael’s menu includes;
  • Tuna, red onion, white bean and parsley salad with lemon caper dressing
  • Chicken, olive and tomato stew with herbed rice
  • Pasta with gremolata and toasted parmesan breadcrumbs
  • Chocolate banana pudding with vanilla cream
    Price $90.00 plus tax per person
“Big Greek Dinner” with Paula Costa
Monday, September 25th , 6:30 pm

Come and enjoy Paula’s family style Greek dinner. Paula will share her classic family favorite dishes that will become favorites around your family table. Paula’s menu includes;
  • Greek Village Salad
  • Spanakopita (spinach and feta pie)
  •  Keftedaka Arni (crispy lamb meatballs)
  •  Trigona me Amigdala ke Karidia (Almond and walnut triangles)

Price $90.00 plus tax per person

“Bounty Hunter” with Chef Moe Vidotto
Monday, October 2nd , 6:30 pm
Join Moe in the kitchen as he cooks with the best of the season’s harvest before the winter is upon us! Moe’s menu includes;

  • Salted roasted turnip, Rivers Edgechevre , roasted red pepper and wild purslane
  • Duck egg pappardelle, morels, duck ragu with sage and aged sheep cheese
  • Pan seared pickerel, squash corn cakes in wild leek broth with green tomato chow
  • Pear Tarte Tatin, with cinnamon ginger semifreddo with an oatmeal crumble

Price $90.00 per person plus tax

“Weeknight Pasta “, with Chef Connie Raso
Thursday, October 12th , 6:30 pm

Connie’s in the kitchen with pasta recipes for busy work nights when you’re short on time. Skip the jarred sauce with Connie’s flavourful pasta dishes ready in under 30 minutes. Connie’s recipes include;

  • Appetizer – Mediterranean peach salad with balsamic dressing
  • First Course – Rigatoni with saffron, ricotta and bacon
  • Second Course – Four cheese sauce with macaroni
  • Third Course – Gnocchi with roasted beets, pecorino and rainbow chard

Price $90.00 per person plus tax

“French Farmhouse” with Patrick Mathieu
Thursday, October 19th , 6:30 pm
Join Patrick in the kitchen as he captures the rustic and richly flavoured cooking that is the basis of French cuisine. Patrick’s menu includes;

  • Salmon Rillettes
  • Soup au Vin Blanc
  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Pear Tarte Tatin

Price $95.00 per person plus tax

“From New Delhi with Love”, with Rachael Palmer
Monday, October 23rd , 6:30 pm
Rachael is in the kitchen to explore the aromas and fragrances of these unique and classic Indian dishes which are now popular throughout the world. Rachael‘s menu includes;
 Potato and pea paratha with tamarind chutney
 Tandoori chicken with baked rice, curried honey cauliflower with pappadum
 Carrot, cucumber salad with mint and cilantro
 Mango lassi, jalebis
Price $90.00 per person plus tax

“D is for Dumpling”, with Julia Mitchell
Wednesday, November 1st , 6:30 pm
Julia will take us on a dumpling exploration! From the southern United States to Southern Asia! Plus, she will share the secrets of how to throw a killer dumpling party to get you ready for the entertaining season ahead. Julia’s menu includes:
 Truly southern fried chicken and dumplings
 French onion soup with dumplings
 Easy as pie apple dumplings
 Port and chive dumplings with sweet chili sauce
 Shrimp and snap pea shamai
 Two or more dumpling dipping sauces
Price $90.00 per person plus tax

“A Vegetarian Christmas” with Nettie Cronish
Wednesday, November 8th, 6:30 pm
You don’t need meat for a festive holiday feast.
Make your holiday feast special for vegetarian and meat lovers alike. Nettie will show you these hearty recipes to enjoy at any holiday meal;
 Organic apricot black lentil soup with paprika and cinnamon
 Mushroom and eggplant moussaka
 Sweet potato, fennel and apple salad
 Tart dried cherry biscotti with walnuts
Price $90.00 per person plus tax

“Easy and Elegant Appetizers” with Chef Daryl Neamtu
Monday, November 13 th , 6:30 pm
Daryl’s in the kitchen with his best appetizer recipes. These starters not only look elegant on a serving platter, but are quick and easy to make and assemble;
 Puff pastry pizza with smoked salmon, shaved onion, dill, arugula and roasted garlic cream cheese spread
 Stuffed pork tenderloin medallions, with mango herb chutney on smooth polenta
 Mixed bean curry with winter vegetables and sweet potato, served in an endive boat
 Double stuffed baby red potatoes(bacon, herbs, asiago) topped with chive, lemon horseradish cream
Price $90.00 plus tax

“Fresh Mediterranean Appetizers” with Chef
Emily Richards
Monday, November 27 th , 6:30pm
We are always on the hunt for new and exciting appetizers around this time of year. Why not let Emily inspire you with these Mediterranean inspired appetizer ideas;
 Prosciutto wrapped stuffed dates
 Roasted red pepper hummus
 Labneh with pistachio
 Cucumber ricotta spread
 Halloumi and grilled veg salad
 Lamb meatballs with spicy raita
Price $90.00 per person plus tax

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