Winter 2018 Cooking Classes

We have lots of talented chefs who will be teaching you how to cook delicious meals in the first few months of 2018. These classes are perfect for holiday presents!

“Sheet Pan Dinners”, with Chef Rachael Palmer
Monday, January 15th, 6:30 pm

Join Rachael for some speedy, family friendly meals baked on a single sheet pan.  These meals are easy to prepare and cleanup is a breeze!  Rachael’s menu includes;

  • Roasted garlic, fennel and tomato soup with parmesan croutons
  • Moroccan roasted vegetable with red grapes toasted almonds and couscous
  • Roasted lemon chicken and mushrooms on spinach and basil orzo
  • Pear, apple and ginger crumble

Price $90.00 per person, plus tax

“Make Ahead Breakfast”, with Chef Emily Richards
Monday, January 22nd, 6:30 pm

Emily’s make a head breakfast recipes are going to wake up your taste buds with minimal morning prep! These easy make a head recipes will make sure you always have a healthy breakfast on the go or easy brunch entertaining.

Price $90.00 per person plus tax
“Cooking with Cast-iron”, with Chef Connie Raso
Thursday, February 8th, 6:30 pm

Cast iron is versatile, durable, perfect for searing and slow cooking. Join Connie and experience the true benefits of deliciously prepared food with this classic kitchen essential.   Connie’s menu includes;

  • Grilled tomato and ricotta salata salad
  • Grilled salmon on Mediterranean couscous salad
  • Grilled striploin with balsamic glaze on a bed of arugula
  • Carrot cake cheesecake

Price $95.00 per person, plus tax

“E for Eros,  A Valentines Menu”, with Julia Mitchell
Tuesday, February 13th, 6:30 pm

E—Eros—the god of desire and attraction helps you with your Valentines Menu.  Join Julia as she continues along with our culinary alphabet with recipes for the ultimate date night. Julia’s menu includes;

  • Food to promote kissing – Potato latkes with warm apple compote and aged cheddar
  • Food to cook together – Parmesan risotto with shrimp
  • Food that say “I really love you” – Duck breast with pomegranate and citrus glaze
  • An Irresistible finish – Chocolate espresso pots du crème
  • Late night refuel – Prosciutto and arugula pizza

Price$95.00 per person, plus tax

“Winter Soups and Stews” with Chef Moe Vidotto
Monday, February 26th, 6:30 pm

Nothing beats a winter chill like a steaming bowl of soup or stew.  Join Moe with hearty recipes guaranteed to warm you to the bones and get you through the winter. Moe’s menu includes;

  • Zuppa Pavesa , pleasant soup of bread, egg cheese and broth
  • Marseille Bouillabaisse, seafood stew, served with sauce rouille
  • Cassoulet, the ultimate pork and beans
  • Zuppa Inglese, English soup

Price $90.00 per person, plus tax
“Date Night, Cooking with Wine”, with Patrick Mathieu
Monday, March 26th, 6:30 pm

Come and join Patrick in the kitchen and learn the art of cooking with wine.  Learn how to use wine to elevate everyday dishes and enjoy elegantly prepared ones, hopefully with enough left in the bottle to share!  Patrick’s menu includes;

  • Port glazed fig flatbread with pancetta and blue cheese
  • Mussels with leek and champagne cream sauce
  • White wine and Dijon braised duck legs
  • Red wine dark chocolate lava cakes

Price $95.00 per person plus tax
To book a reservation call Thyme to Cook at (519) 837-2665 and make payment with Visa or MasterCard, or in person with Debit, Cash, Visa, or MasterCard.  Your reservation is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another class.